A MOUTH full of Thankfulness!


We gave the ladies in the office a task to state what everyone is most thankful for. It was interesting to see where each individual person went with the little project. All the ladies also mentioned how it was therapeutic to sit down and write this because it really helped everyone reflect on their life good and bad and change the perception of the life given into something worth giving thanks for! The overall consensus amongst the office was, there is always something to be thankful for and that blessings are bigger than burdens. Please take a moment to reflect with us as we give a glimpse of our lives. We recommend you take a little time from your day and write down what you are thankful for, count your blessings not your burdens. Read our great stories and remember to always be Thankful!

The things I am the most grateful for  ~Teresa Olivares~

There are a lot of people in my life that I am very grateful for. The thing I am most grateful for is my family. This starts with my father who has supported me and guided me through every big life decision I have come across and had to make. He been there when I needed him most, he is my rock, my greatest supporter, my number one fan! I am so grateful for him each and every day of my life because without him I know I wouldn’t have accomplished everything I have these 27 years of my life without him by my side. Secondly I am grateful for my two amazing sisters, they are my absolute best friends! I’m so thankful for the bond I hold with my sisters. This is an unexplainable bond, but in short, I know I can ask them for anything and they will help me regardless. There is never a dull moment when we are all together, we are quite unstoppable. I love my family with every fiber of my being and I am so grateful and thankful every day of my life for having such amazing people by my side.



Most Thankful for 2018 ~ Brittany Martin~

To say, “long story short” is an understatement when it comes to my life haha.. I have loved, lost and everything in between starting from a very young age. There are times in life where defeat fits the bill but I never give up due to being raised by amazing grandparents. I’m so grateful I have amazing people in my life…Here’s to keeping it all short..

I am grateful for a very patient and loving man that loves me and my children very much. He recently came into our lives March of 2017. I am grateful for the love, patience, honesty and loving nature he shows not only for me, but for the people I love. I’m grateful I get to spend life with such an amazing man and look forward to our future together as a family.

I am grateful for my job and work family. We have gone through so much together. Death, laughs, days there are tears and hugs but most of all we come together as a team. As women running a business together it gives a feeling of empowerment, love and appreciation. Through the experiences together it has made me confident, to have thick skin and to have love and compassion for people. To say I love what I do for living and get to work with such amazing women that are so different but love what we do and get to serve our community, is truly an honor.

The list can go on and on what I’m grateful for, but most of all I am grateful for my children. I have the best 10 and 11 year olds a mommy can ever ask for. I started having children at the young age of 18.

Before them life didn’t make sense. I felt I had no purpose. Had no guidance in what I wanted to do at all in life. I didn’t have many goals but loved to be around friends... that’s all it was about as a teenager.

With that in mind, how scary to be thrown into motherhood so unexpectedly. I was scared and in disbelief.Through the years I have raised my kids and keep raising them the best way I know how. They are such selfless, loving and responsible children. I feel I have done a great job so far in being their mom.

I’m grateful to call Jasmine and Isaiah my children for life. I’m grateful for being a mom, which is the most important job of all. Being a young mom didn’t mean my life was over, it just meant I get to love them so much longer. For that I am grateful.

Many things will happen in life that gets you down, or you may feel defeated in one way or another. Always remember to surround yourself with people who love you, want the best for you and people you who look up to. Striving to be the greatest has no expiration date. I’m am lucky enough to have this in my life. I never give up and I’m always striving and achieving greatness.  For that, I am grateful. Looking forward to another year of life!

What a wonderful year to give thanks! ~Sarah Bailey~

Through life I have had many moments when it has been hard to say what I was thankful for...but I was just being selfish. I have been through a lot in the small amount of time that could make me ungrateful. Losing my mother the glue to our family, the family dysfunction after her loss, being shot with a shotgun while only standing a couple feet away. This all happened within the same 6 months. Six months and my life had completely changed as well as my perspectives in life, and day to day events. It took a couple months for me to realize I AM SO LUCKY and I don’t need to mope around or be sad and I certainly shouldn’t question why me! I learned to start saying thank you for the path I’ve been given. I am lucky to be here everyday in such a beautiful world! I am lucky for the experiences, good and bad. I say this because I know the strength this has given me to go through what I have been through. I know I could have died had the gun been pointed any higher or lower, but I didn’t...So why should I be sad? There is clearly a reason I’m still here and it isn’t to be sad and question why I was given this path. My reason is to bring light to the lives and people around me. Sometimes when I get sad about losing my mother I remember her joy for everything in life, her excitement with the birds, and trees, and flowers. Then I begin to be grateful, not for the loss, but how lucky I was to have such an amazing mother for 21 wonderful years. My mother and I always got along, she was my person, I cannot change what is destined to be but I can use my memories and reflect on whether she would be proud of who I am becoming. Quite frankly I think she would be proud of me, I try to live as she taught me to, I smile at her pictures and memories. No more questioning “why her” I have learned to replace that thought with “Thank you for giving me such an amazing role model”.

For Thanksgiving we use to look forward to going to our cousins and hanging out with the 5 cousins, while the parents talked and caught up! This was something my brothers and I loved doing, it was our favorite tradition. As we got older this was a hard tradition to keep going on because we got busy, they got busy, our favorite Uncle passed. Life happened. This last year I lived with my ex boyfriend, I dont regret this time of my life, I am actually extremely grateful for what I learned through this. But I realized I didn't know me anymore. I have been through so much hardship and grew a lot from the relationship but who was I? I leaned into my Aunt Linda (my moms sister and best friend) during a difficult time when I needed somewhere to go but didn’t know where and how to do it. She took me in with open arms, she gave me a room to stay in, offered me a job at her office. So here I am, starting my marketing gig in her office. Words can't even explain how amazing and thankful I am for Aunt Linda and the strong amazing women I work alongside! I absolutely love my job and love working for DR. Tincher. I learned marketing is my passion!

I now see why my mother and her were best friends, I am lucky to have a whole new family. Her 3 kids, the oldest sons girlfriend, and my brother all live under one roof. I am so thankful for Tyler, her youngest son, he is such a strong individual who even I learn from, I appreciate how helpful he is to my Aunt. There is Tami, her youngest daughter, who is beautiful and has such a good heart. She also knows how to crack a joke when I’m feeling upset and it’ll totally change my mood. Jake (my little brother) and I have been getting close again, we don't spend much time together but when we do we just click well. I love love love him so much and hope I can guide him as much as he guides me. Then there is Craig (my big brother) I just don’t know how or who I would be without him. I always tell my aunt, “Craig is my person” he gets life, he guides me through life, he is the support that my mom use to be, he is the person I call and always look up to, and he is the smartest person I have ever known. We coincide and support any and every decision we make. I am so happy he is finding a job and learning and doing what he loves. An interesting thing my aunt keeps telling me is that things happen for a reason and people come in your life for a reason. I feel right now I am where I was meant to be, I feel I was meant to go through all I’ve been through to be where I am...and I couldn’t be happier than I am today. While old traditions may change, you’ve got to adjust with the times like they say right? Well I have the perfect support system and team to do such with! We live in such an amazing progressive world, we have so many opportunities at our fingertips. I can't express how grateful I am to be on this planet, to be so young with so much life left to give and live I’m lucky to have the connections and people I have.  

What has Thanksgiving become, and what am I thankful for? ~Dr. Linda Tincher~

Thanksgiving has always been such a great holiday for me. It was one of those holidays where you don't have to give a gift. Friends and Family can come together with little to no expectations because it is a holiday (except expecting lots of food, not a bad expectation if you ask me). Born in tradition my family usually got together with my sisters family, the adults would sit and chit chat and intermingle, while her kids and mine would play, catch up, and have an all together good time. Things that are easily taken for granted. Fast forward my husband passed away, I remember my first Thanksgiving without him. That year my sister was busy and unable to make it my way. So I was left alone unsure what to do, I felt powerless, confused, lonely, sad. One of the kids won a meal, I remember the meal being delivered, it was such a relief! The following Thanksgiving my sister and her family were able to make it my way, this filled my heart with so much joy. I remember sitting back and enjoying the home full of people, I remember the interactions with the kids and adults, I remember being extremely grateful for the family I had there in front of me. My sister passed away in July 2017, another holiday I had to spend without that special person I loved. I slowly began to realize it was my happy time having a house full of people, while I always knew I loved this, I really realized it as the years progress and the family lost people. I have 3 of 5 children still under my roof, one 16 year old, one 18 year old, and one 22 year old. I don’t  want to stop my kids if something came up and they decide to spend Thanksgiving elsewhere. I am lucky enough to get them all year, and our family tradition has slowly faded where I am more flexible with my plans rather than when the family and cousins came over.

My 22 year old (Jeff) lives at my house with his girlfriend Kaitlyn. Jeff goes to school at Moorpark College, and works at Nike. He seems to be balancing this all very well which means a lot to a mother. His girlfriend does the same, work and goes to school. Those two do well together, I am grateful they found each other because it was hard to be a single mother and be there emotionally for all my children after Tracy’s death. I just didn’t connect with Jeff because we differ in communication skills, something I began to realize Tracy was always good with. This is where I am so beyond grateful for Kaitlyn being Jeffs emotional support and being his person. I know Jeff and I will get there one day but we both need time to heal and experience. I am so proud of the great man he is becoming, and I love what he stands for, that kid has the biggest heart and great strength.

Whether there is or isn’t a God, I am very blessed that I have been able to provide for my family. I am so grateful I went to dental school so I can continue to help my family. With Monika, my oldest, I was able to help her so much with her education. I made sure to help pay for her undergraduate school, when she decided to go to graduate school those loans she had to take with her. But this was a great learning and growing experience for her. While she was in grad school I made sure to help here where I could, with her phone, her car, food, utilities, etc. A lot of help I knew she needed that I didn't receive going through school. I am so lucky to have such a smart and beautiful daughter who I now call and talk about my practice with and she discusses hers. She also brought me my adorable first grandson and my first granddaughter is on the way! I am so excited and proud!

Robert, the second son, I tried to help, but he wanted to adult up and try things on his own. I helped where he would let me and when I could, the phone, the incidentals, insurance, car, etc. That kid makes me so proud, he now works for Madison Square Garden in New York. I love going to visit him and being around him!

It is harder to help the younger kids as much as I helped the older ones, the business has gone through hardships with the loss of my husband who would help bring people in and make connections.

I am thankful for my 18 year old, Tyler, he has been here for me these last few years, his kindness and generosity have been a great help with being a single mother. He is the type of kid who is there when you need him and don't know you do, but he is also the kid who is there for anyone. He and I went and got our motorcycle license together and he just purchased his first motorcycle! It was such an exciting moment for me as a parent! His street smart demeanor and maturity he takes from life experiences I understand as a parent well knowing he will make a very good adult. He reminds me a lot of his dad and I am grateful for that. All my kids have a part of their dad in them and I am glad I get to experience the different personalities with their “dad quirks”.

I recently took on two more kids - well they are not kids, but they are. Sarah and Jake my niece and nephew, the ones who would come over on Thanksgivings with my sister. Jake is lock and load because he receives help with school and rent, he works at Nike with Jeff, they have a good bond and relationship because of it. But Sarah, I am trying to help her in her journey and path. What a kid...great energy, great attitude. She has the best of Leslie (my sister) although I also see a bit of myself in her. She has such a strong force and has a good light in her. She was in a relationship for a while and I am glad she came out of it so strong and intact. I am glad her boyfriend was there for her when nobody else was, but I am also glad Sarah was able to leave when she did. The stars aligned and the universe threw her in my direction at a time when I was able to help her. I will never take her mother’s place because her mother was the best person I know, but I am sure glad to be able to help her kids out and be a part of their lives! I would do anything for the 3 children she left behind, and I will do the same for my 5 children. I am a fierce momma bear and will fight for all 8 of you . Know that I love you all and I am so grateful you are all in my life, I look at all of you and marvel at what great human beings you are all destined to be. I am so proud of each and everyone of you and your own personal journey. You have all been through so much loss at such a young age but still find the strength and courage to carry on. I am so grateful and thankful for that!

It has been quite the journey for me with my youngest (Tami). Raising her is testing my strength as a mother and making me question certain parenting decisions in my life. I have come across some hardships with her yet I cannot judge her for doing what she does. I am trying to learn still with my 5th child how to be a parent. It never gets easier! I hope the universe guides Tami and shows her the path she should be taking. I hope she knows through the trials and tribulations that I am here to hold her hand as she seeks her journey, and while I don't agree with her on every level, I am beyond grateful for her being in my life. I love that girl with all my heart and soul!

So I am grateful for those who surround me, I am grateful for my patients who just help me escape from being that mom and traversing into that professional dentist I need to be. I am grateful to my staff for being there for me day in and day out. I grateful that over the years they have embraced me and help me support my family. Thank you to all and have a very happy holiday!

Don’t forget to reflect on what you are thankful for!