Charcoal Toothpaste- What you do and don't know

You know that trend everyone is talking about, the one with the charcoal toothpaste? I am writing this blog based on my experience and expertise as a dentist to explain the real effects of charcoal toothpaste.

First of all, I want to ask the obvious question. Why would you want to put this black substance on your pearly teeth in the first place? Now that I have that out of the way, I understand that people do what’s trendy and fun. People are curious by nature, this is why we must try… Like they say, you never know until you try!

Historically, charcoal was one of several materials used to clean teeth. People used charcoal because there were not many choices and it’s absorbent. Charcoal is used in Africa to clean teeth because regular toothpaste isn’t available in rural communities. That makes sense, if normal toothpaste isn’t accessible. But in America, we have so many choices. Teeth are always in style! When charcoal became a trend for whiter teeth, people jumped on the new trend without understanding the repercussions.

I will explain the impact of charcoal toothpaste through my experience as a dentist. When using charcoal toothpaste, tiny particles of charcoal inside the toothpaste may accumulate in crevices and create other defects in teeth. Particles of charcoal may build up in gaps between dental restorations (fillings, crowns etc.) and teeth. It can result in a grey or black lining around restoration margins. Negative effects on teeth could be the cause of costly replacement of the affected fillings, veneers or crowns. You may temporarily have the results of whiter teeth but, the long term effect of charcoal could be detrimental. People do not think about the aftermath until it is too late and teeth have to be replaced for a cosmetic benefit. Charcoal is a fun trend to people because it is an inexpensive way to whiten teeth but in the long run, people do not understand when investing in this product. The costs come with the long term damage the charcoal creates and prices add up with dental work to cosmetically fix the dental mistakes.  Can you imagine the person who pays money to have their front teeth covered to make them whiter (Veneers) then they use this toothpaste because of a trend and margins micro-leakage gets stained the dark color of the toothpaste? This phenomenon would go unknown until it is too late, now a veneer would have to be replaced. Now the issue arises of trying to match the right color, so they have to do one or more and it becomes a domino effect.

I have tried these products and they are quite abrasive. Being overly aggressive is not good on the enamel and can become more costly in the long run. Although, you may immediately see a difference with the whiteness on your teeth, you do not see what is happening microscopically. Tiny scratch marks are being created and it is wearing away the enamel, which is the protective coating of your teeth. Frail, fragile or brittle teeth are more likely to crack with the constant use of charcoal toothpaste due to the abrasiveness. There are other remedies which can be more effective and not as damaging on your teeth.  

Charcoal-containing toothpastes are dark in color which prolongs the time spent brushing, in order to remove the staining of the dark colored paste. Personally, I brushed my teeth longer when using the dark substance, because my teeth didn’t look or feel clean until the color was completely gone. The use of excessive brushing may lead to abrasions of the teeth. This phenomenon has already been proven in the dental world. Brushing too hard and too long can lead to receding gums and can cause what the dental world considers, abfractions. This is when the gingival margins of the tooth start to break down where the tooth meets the gum. Again this does not happen overnight. This is a process one does not consider until it is too late. I recommend rather than using charcoal to whiten your teeth you contact a professional for whitening solutions.  

There are natural solutions to cleaner, healthier oral hygiene.  I approached a company named OHO Natural to help develop a product that provides both mouth and body health. Gut health is predicated on the organisms that breed in the mouth and are delivered via saliva to the gut.

Today’s toothpastes and Mouthwashes are designed to kill everything in the mouth and replace it with an artificial flavor. So this kills the bacteria, but it also kills the good protective health in your mouth. This means no beneficial health is going to the gut, now you have to take prebiotics for replacement of the natural health that was just killed in your system. It is important to foster a healthy mouth that feels and tastes great. We developed an oral care line that provides whole-mouth, whole body care. Remember, your teeth never go out of style, so do what you can to protect them!

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OHO Mouth:

•Reduces bleeding and receding gums* • Soothes sores and cuts in the mouth • Cleans teeth • Prevents tartar buildup • Reduces tooth sensitivity • Eliminates bad breath • Feeds and fosters healthy organisms in your mouth and gut for whole body health.

*If you have periodontal disease, consult your dentist for best results.

OHO MOUTH tea®    is a blend of herbs and spices recognized since antiquity for having dental, mouth or gut benefit. Grocery mouthwash kills germs, but it also kills everything that makes your mouth and body healthy and happy. OHO MOUTH contains antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory herbs that feed and nourish your mouth, which leads to a healthy gut and a happy body. Best of all, your breath will be fresh and happy too! Great served hot or cold.                                                                                                     Thyme • Turmeric • Sage • Green Tea • Cinnamon • Clove • Ginger • Nutmeg Anti-Bacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Antiseptic, Anti fungal, Anti-Inflammatory

               OHO MOUTH Spray® is our delicious and famous MOUTH tea® extracted, drenched in OHO Apiaries® Raw Honey, and diluted into a liquid spray. A spray whenever you need a fresh mouth. Nourishes and promotes good oral health and happiness.                                     Thyme • Turmeric • Sage • Green Tea • Cinnamon • Clove • Ginger • Nutmeg • Raw USA Honey. Anti-Bacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Antiseptic, Anti fungal, Anti-Inflammatory

OHO MOUTH Weekly Treatment®

OHO MOUTH Weekly Treatment® is deep-cleaning and nourishing for your mouth. Where OHO MOUTH Tea® extracts the water and heat soluble components of our herb blend, OHO MOUTH Weekly Treatment® is extracted in neutral grain spirits to strip the very soul of the herbs and convert them into a liquid. This is a concentrated, powerful elixer for your mouth. Just rinse, swirl and swallow. Good for the mouth, good for your gut. Use it like a mouthwash, swallow it like a tea when you are done.                                                                            Thyme • Turmeric • Sage • Green Tea • Cinnamon • Clove • Ginger • Nutmeg • USA Raw Honey • Neutral Grain Spirits (22%) Anti-Bacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Antiseptic, Anti fungal, Anti-Inflammatory

OHO MOUTH lip balm® 3-pack                                                                                             OHO MOUTH lip balm combines and extract of the wonderful blend of herbs and spices found in our tea and rinse, and blends it with almond oil, avacodo oil, shea butter and beeswax for a lip balm that heals, nourishes and tastes great. We ship in a 3-pack so you can have one in the home, purse and car!                                                                                                              Thyme • Turmeric • Sage • Green Tea • Cinnamon • Clove • Ginger • Nutmeg Beeswax, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil Anti-Bacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Antiseptic, Anti fungal, Anti-Inflammatory

OHO MOUTH toothpīkes®  Yes. we said toothPIKES. These are the spines of the velvet mesquite tree. Up to 2” long, wicked sharp and they last a VERY long time. We package 10 of these toothpikes® in a bottle filled with OHO MOUTH extract (40% alcohol). This keeps the toothpikes® sterile, pliable and limber. We have never found a more effective toothpick.Contains 10 ToothPikes soaking in a honey-spice Obsessive (40% alcohol by volume preserves the Obsessive and kills all bacteria and organisms).